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Paying attention to past and present trends, the 'Global Asia' cluster addresses contemporary issues related to transnational interactions within the Asian region as well as throughout the world via the flows of people, goods, capital and ideas.

The cluster aims to expand the understanding of the process of globalisation by considering the various ways Asian and other world regions are interconnected within a long-term historical framework, recognising Asia's historic economic prominence and geopolitical influence from before the colonial era. Acknowledging the central role of Asia as an agent of global transformations, it challenges western perspectives that underlie much of the current literature on the subject, and it explores new forms of non-hegemonic intellectual interactions in the form of 'south-south-north' and 'east-west' dialogue models. IIAS also aims to develop a more evenly balanced field of Asian Studies, by collaborating in trans-regional capacity building initiatives and by working on new types of methodological approaches that encourage synergies and interactions between disciplines, regions and practices.

In principle, any research dealing with Asian global interactions is of interest. Topics include, but are not limited to, the migration of peoples and their diasporas, religious transnational pilgrimages and networks, forms of economic expansion, cultural dissemination, geo-strategic projections and engagements. Also of interest are issues that are central to the contemporary discussion on knowledge production and its circulation within a globalised world.

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Global Asia Updates

13 February 2015

Outreach lecture by Prof. Anne Gerritsen (the talk will be held in Dutch).

15 January 2015

Inaugural conference organized by the Association of Asian Studies in Africa (A-Asia) in cooperation with the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS). The conference, through panels and roundtables, will seek to assess the prospects for Asian studies in Africa in a global context

8 January 2015

Interdisciplinary workshop organised by KITLV, AMT, LUCIS, and IIAS

8 December 2014

4th Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network

Call for papers and art projects
15 November 2014

This call for papers and art projects is for PhD students and artists to submit their abstract for a two-day workshop to be held on 30 & 31 March 2015 at Hong Kong Baptist University

31 October 2014

This is a workshop in the framework of the three-year pilot-programme "Rethinking Asian Studies in a Global Context".
Building on a May 2011 discussion at Princeton University with colleagues, focusing on the Tamil diaspora, Buddhist circulations, and national politics, this workshop will focus on contested notions of belonging across the Bay of Bengal that were fashioned by moving ideas, peoples and things.

Call for proposals
30 October 2014

ICAS 9 Adelaide, South Australia, will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 5-9 July 2015.

13 October 2014

We invite PhD students in Asian Studies from Dutch Universities to attend a conference and PhD course in Reykjavik next October


‘Every physical substance on earth is a medicine’. This core Tibetan medical principle promises enormous potential as much as it raises profound questions: To what extent is food medicine? What about poisons – do Tibetan doctors use these in their medicines? How do they come up with a placebo...


IN RECENT YEARS there have been many books, articles and exhibitions about the so-called Silk Road and how ‘it’ was used to transport goods and ideas, notably silk and Buddhism, from one part of the world to another. Yet, this series of merchant trade routes also had another function. It enabled...


IN VIETNAM’S HIGH POLITICS of Politburo and Party Congresses, the recent ‘Declaration to Establish a Vietnamese Independent Writers’ Association’ by 62 prominent Vietnamese writers from inside and outside the country might appear as a trivial event.1 Indeed, one is immediately confronted with...


THE FIRST PAN-ASIA CONFERENCE ‘Status and Role of Social Science Research in Asia, Emerging Challenges and Policy Issues’ (New Delhi, 13-15 March 2014), with representatives from 24 countries in Asia and some non-Asian countries, was intended to assess the present state of social science...


Reviewed publication:
Mushirul Hasan & Nishat Zaidi (trans. & eds.) 2011. A Voyage to Modernism: Syed Ahmed Khan, New Delhi: Primus Books, ISBN:9789380607078 (hb)

Syed Ahmed Khan travelled from Benares in India to London in England in 1869, spent seventeen months in...


Reviewed publication:
Kueh, Y.Y. 2012. Pax Sinica: Geopolitics and Economics of China’s Ascendance, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, ISBN 9789888083824 (cloth)

Grasping the nascent international agency of regional powers with global aspirations has become a dominant...